The world’s mobile identity provider

We turn mobile phone numbers into digital identities.
Less fraud. Lower identity verification costs. Easier app use.
Radical and proven approach
Strong and invisible verification
Over 2 billion people covered

The future of digital identity is here

For the first time, a mobile identity credential can be trusted as the foundation for secure transactions in mobile apps.

Higher security

Existing security models are vulnerable to Phishing, Vishing, SIM Swap and Account Takeover. Our mobile possession-factor solution eliminates them all. We are mobile trust experts.

More customers

No more PIN codes, passwords, or waiting for SMS to verify a mobile identity. It means less customer drop off because there’s no compromise between security and user experience.

Lower costs

Legacy identity and authentication approaches impose high costs on your business – not just fraud losses but operational inefficiency and brand damage. Our technology is built differently.

A hyper-secure identity verification ‘Triple Lock’

  1. Right mobile identity

    A valid and correct mobile number

  2. Right credential

    The correct SIM card, matching the mobile number

  3. Right mobile device

    A real mobile network-connected device, not a bot farm

Instant, invisible identity verification using the mobile number, SIM card and mobile device – it’s more secure, simple and scalable than any other form of digital identity verification.

World-class patent-pending technology, working to solve multiple business problems

Fixing mobile fraud

A game-changer for fraud prevention

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Device binding

Addressing the identity weakness of the mobile internet

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Authenticating users

Make it easy for users to access and use your app securely

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Low friction user onboarding

Stop the customer drop-offs with a safer, simpler and smoother experience

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Eliminating SMS OTP 

SMS – good for communication, bad for security, UX and operating costs

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Going passwordless

Making better use of mobile device security

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