We’ve fixed the problem with mobile fraud

Less fraud, lower cost, no friction

In the App Economy, how can you be sure of someone’s identity? Know Your Customer (KYC) uses physical identity verification credentials to confirm an identity when a user registers for an account - but what’s happening next is like going from a safe door to an open door.

Email and SMS are messaging protocols designed for communication, not security - and email is over 50 years old! These methods compromise user experience and security which is why identity theft and fraud on mobile devices is exploding.

“The cost of cybercrime to businesses is predicted to be $10.5 trillion annually by 2025”

- World Economic Forum

Mobile identity verification rebooted

We add security and reduce friction at the first step in registering an account - users enter their phone number, not a password. KYC and all other checks are built on a trusted digital identity foundation - it’s critical for your revenues and reputation. 

Traditional verification

Modern verification

Email + password + SMS Phone number + SIM Card Uses Knowledge Factors Uses Possession Factors Can be lost or stolen Nothing to steal since nothing is shared Can lead to social engineering, account takeover, and reputation damage Eliminates mobile fraud - immune to phishing and remote attacks Requires multiple user interventions to verify user identity Only requires the user to enter their phone number once Forgotten passwords and app switching compromises user experience Improves user experience Increases customer drop-off Improves user engagement

The power of your phone number

As the world becomes mobile-centric, here’s why we believe your mobile number will become the universal digital identity credential:

  • A unique identifier that works globally, maintained by mobile networks
  • The longest-lived identifier we use every day
  • With us everywhere we go
  • Secured by strong, physical cryptography
  • It’s more private than sharing personal details
  • A universal identifier - 5 billion people already have one

Introducing the internet’s missing identity layer

Ensuring a rock-solid digital identity verification that is simple, scalable and invisible is a complex problem requiring an urgent solution

That’s why we exist and mobile identity verification is just the tip of the identity layer that we’re building. Tomorrow, people won’t use their passports or credit cards to prove their identity, they’ll use their mobile phones. And it will be seamless, thanks to the Internet’s new identity layer - an end-to-end encrypted environment to make managing digital identities safe, simple and seamless.

Everything from identity proofing, verification, authentication and management through a customer’s lifecycle will be handled through the identity layer. It cuts the number of technologies you’ll need to deal with and covers it all - from a user’s identity and device credentials, biometric authentication, KYC, AML, fraud monitoring to digital wallet security and identity recovery.

The IDlayr platform

The IDlayr Platform

At the heart of this new identity layer is our paradigm-shifting platform. Purpose built for the next phase of the mobile era, it’s powerful and transformative.

  • Handles multiple authentication methods
  • Provides a managed mobile identity service
  • Provides integration with existing enterprise environments via OIDC

Core Technology

Read about the core technologies we use, such as Silent Network Authentication and FIDO.

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