Going passwordless with possession-factor security

Making better use of mobile device security

Passwords can be lost, forgotten or shared and are vulnerable to a host of security issues like Phishing and brute-force attacks. They keep getting longer and more complicated causing a user experience problem.

IDlayr Solution

We replace the password with possession-factor mobile security. No more shareable credentials. We bind the user identity to their device for fast, easy-to-use and hyper-secure verification.


  1. Less fraud

    The mobile possession-factor tackles Phishing, Social engineering and Account Takeovers (ATOs)

  2. Improved customer satisfaction

    Going passwordless with a simple, instant in-app verification improves user engagement

  3. Lower costs

    Less user issues means fewer support calls, plus no additional hardware required

World-class patent-pending technology, working to solve multiple business problems

Fixing mobile fraud

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Device binding

Addressing the identity weakness of the mobile internet

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Authenticating users

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Low friction user onboarding

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Eliminating SMS OTP 

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Going passwordless

Making better use of mobile device security

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