tru.ID is now IDlayr

by Paul McGuire | December 20, 2023

We’re excited to say we have a new name – we are now IDlayr! 


IDlayr represents the next chapter for the company as we change the way digital identity verification works today. We are turning the mobile number into a trusted digital identity credential and helping to build the internet’s missing ‘identity layer’ for a simpler and safer online world.



The Internet’s Identity Layer

The Identity Layer is a missing piece of the mobile internet that will hugely benefit our customers, their customers and our partners. We’re bringing a level of simplicity and security that just hasn’t been practical or scalable to date. Now, IDlayr makes a global identity solution a reality.


There is only one globally available, globally unique, cryptographically secure digital identity, that is already used daily by over 5 billion people – and that is the mobile phone number.


Every one of the 5 billion mobile phones in use today has inside it a cryptographically secure chip – the same chip that you can find in your credit card.  That technology enables cryptographically secure identification of that mobile phone and mobile phone number by the mobile network – it’s the way you can be sure your calls are encrypted and that you get the right mobile bill each month. 


But it’s also technology that is invisible – you never have to “logon” to your mobile network – that security check happens silently in the background. This digital identity and security technology is now available for businesses through IDlayr.


It’s the first step to shaking up legacy systems and thinking that has made mobile identity verification and management anything but simple. Email and SMS are such examples – they are designed for communications, not security. So not only are these identity verification methods disruptive to the user journey, they are also massively vulnerable to fraud.


The solution to fixing the mobile identity problem isn’t simple which is why digital identity verification on mobile devices has been broken for so long. We’ve already fixed an important part of the legacy tech dependency with our IDlayr Platform.


In the mobile-first era, everything from identity proofing, verification and authentication across a customer’s lifecycle will be handled through this mobile Identity Layer. It will ultimately eliminate the need to prove your ID with physical documents, emails, passwords or SMS OTPs.


It’s the game-changer the digital economy needs. Imagine what becomes possible when strong, invisible security is built into your mobile device and is already deployed to all your customers and employees.


Mobile device trust is the starting point 

The world is fast becoming mobile-first, with transactions through mobile apps becoming the norm – and a secure mobile wallet on every phone is just around the corner. Device trust is therefore critical first step for this future. We have to know that an app or mobile wallet is on the right device and being accessed by the right person. 


Every network-connected mobile device has a SIM card and most smartphones also have a secure enclave (for storing FIDO keys) as well as biometric capabilities. Delivering a strong binding of a user account to the mobile device using the secure SIM card as a possession factor is critical.


That’s what IDlayr does – we’ve built the foundation for mobile trust, the first step to realising a simpler and safer digital future. This ‘Triple Lock’ identity verification – right number, right SIM, right device – is now a practical reality. 



Innovation that works at a different level 

Future-proof mobile identity requires an identity layer that is highly secure and can streamline the handling of mobile identities, simpler integration into the enterprise and a significantly better experience for end customers. 


IDlayr is making that possible. Already, our award winning, patent-pending technology that underpins our platform and Mobile Trust Network is already integrated with Tier 1 mobile network operators in 25 countries, covering over 2 billion user identities. 


IDlayr doesn’t just make identity verification easier in technology terms, we also take the hard work out of managing the process because we do it for you – welcome to ‘Mobile Identity as a Service’ (MIDaaS). And the simplicity and security we bring is reflected in our subscription model which means no surprises! 



Building better, together 

We’re not planning to build the Identity Layer alone – we want you to be part of this mobile trust revolution! Your experience and feedback are critical to our success and we’re excited to work closely with you to shape the digital identity of the future. 


Innovative and forward-thinking businesses from banks to media giants are already helping us shape the future through multiple use cases and are benefiting from using our platform and network with higher security, streamlined user identity, and lower operating costs. 


We’re looking forward to working together with you to set new standards in digital identity security, simplicity, and scalability. 


Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership in this exciting next chapter!